When We Increase The Defense Budget By $54 Billion

One of President Donald Trump’s only impressive achievement in his administration is how fast he and his team move. I don’t think that the work they end up producing is in any way shape or form high quality, but they continue to get work done as if the White House is an industrial machine. He has delivered to his supporters an immigration wall, a roll back transgender rights in public schools that were enacted during the Obama administration, as well as enforcing new immigration policy which has been nothing short of a total fiasco. On Monday he announced that the White House’s first budget proposal will be concerning the budget of the Defense Department in relation to other federal agencies. The ones earmarked for the most significant budget cuts include the social safety nets and the Environmental Protection Agency, two agencies that are more supported by Democrats than by Republicans.

President Trump has proposed a $54 billion increase in United States Department of Defense spending for the fiscal year 2018, which will inevitably lead to large cuts in other vital federal agencies that people here at home rely on, such as education, environmental protection, and diplomacy. It is a clear pander to conservatives who voted for him and think that the defense budget was minimized under the Obama administration and needs to be refunded.


As you can see, not only has defense spending increased dramatically at the turn of the century, defense spending has increased during the Obama years. Republicans on social media will look at someone like President Obama and think that a Democrat, a liberal one at that, cannot possibly have increased defense spending let alone kept it at a consistent number. As of the fiscal year 2016, we are at around $500 billion for defense spending. President Trump thinks we need to increase that number even more by $54 billion. I have, to be frank, I do not know what this money is going to. If the president would make clear the intentions he has for this new money that will take away from other important, more domestic programs, I would more seriously consider the increase. But instead, he is planning to increase a budget without giving a clear and reasonable justification. On Tuesday Trump will deliver his first speech to a joint session of Congress. He is expected to speak about his achievements over his first month as president, as well as the future of what he is planning to accomplish.

On Tuesday Trump will deliver his first speech to a joint session of Congress. He is expected to speak about his achievements over his first month as president, as well as the future of what he is planning to accomplish. The possibility remains that his budget proposal could be dead on arrival, even with a Republican Congress. The increase in military spending of $54 billion will lead to cuts of $54 billion in programs we need in America. He could cut social safety nets, environmental protection, and more to such an extent that the agency cannot function anymore.

 This budget will be a public safety and national security budget, very much based on those two with plenty of other things, but very strong.  And it will include a historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military of the United States of America at a time we most need it.

-President Donald Trump at a meeting with the governor’s of all 50 states

He says that the military is “depleted”. Depleted how? Depleted of funds, public support, what? His budget increase is at “a time we most need it,” as the president says. His proposal could be a pander to the law and order crowd who voted for him, as well as voters who are worried about the Islamic State and would like to see fast action taken by the government such as a spending proposal. These cuts will have to offset the 10% increase in defense, these agencies include once again Veterans Affairs, education, national parks, the food and drug administration, the State Department, and the Environmental Protection agency.

[These cuts are] a meat ax to programs that benefit the middle-class

-Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York)

Let me make one thing clear: We cannot make the support of our military solely conditional upon the decrease and insufficient support of other, equally important, federal agencies. This proposal, if enacted, will change the United States budget to the military, and then everything else. We are marginalizing veterans, students, food and drug safety, and environmental protection, all of which have a real impact on us Americans here at home. This will affect all of us, it will affect the middle-class the greatest, but it will never effect Mr. Trump.

This proposal is condoning the vast and significant waste of money that occurs every day in the defense department. Last year alone the department of defense lost over $100 million, and I wish I knew where it went.

We’re also putting in a massive budget request for our beloved military

-President Donald Trump

The cuts are also aimed at scrapping regulations put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency as a safeguard against further damage to the environment. But, with this new budget cut, the Environmental Protection Agency will be all but forced to repeal certain regulations.

[The EPA] Has clogged the bloodstream of our country, people can’t do anything, people are looking to get approvals for factories for 15 years

-President Donald Trump

Although the deregulation by the EPA was soon to come anyway, as the agencies leader Scott Pruitt has been a foe of the EPA for years.

These cuts will bring about serious hurt to the middle-class, the hardworking Americans who voted for him.

Make sure to watch the president’s speech to Congress Tuesday at 9 pm ET.


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