Why Donald Trump Is Holding A Rally This Weekend

Donald Trump was elected president four months ago. Donald Trump has sworn in a president almost a month ago. He is now the president, he is not running for president. But yet he continues to talk about the election, how well he did, how terrible Hillary Clinton did, by how much he won.

On Saturday he will hold a rally in Florida. Yep, that kind of rally. He seems reluctant to let go of the campaign and the campaigner in him. Donald Trump loves to be loved, unfortunately, the president is the most hated person in America.

He has also developed his entire persona around one thing: winning. His high-rise apartment that is made of gold, his plane that says TRUMP on the side of it, his hotels, his tv show, his presidency even. But Donald Trump is not winning right now. He doesn’t even have an approval rating, as 53% of Americans disapprove of how Donald Trump is doing as president.

His presidency in less than a month has packed in so much drama, loss, outrage, and failure. In less than a month he has managed to sign more than a dozen executive order, most famously his immigration order. That immigration order has resulted in a battle with the American court system as a whole. But his disdain for the judiciary shouldn’t surprise anyone, it isn’t the first time he’s insulted a judge. Remember during the campaign when he said that Judge Gonzalo Curiel of the U.S. District Court could not judge a case concerning Trump fairly because he’s of Hispanic descent. ” He is a member of a club or society, very strongly pro-Mexican, which is all fine. But I say he’s got bias. I want to build a wall. I’m going to build a wall,” he said about Judge Curiel.

Most recently he called Judge James Robart a “so-called judge.”

He is losing, but one thing he has not lost is his core base. He thrives off of those rallies where he packs airplane hangers to the brim and speaks loudly to tens of thousands of people. That is what he is good at, not speaking to reporters in a room in the White House, nor does he enjoy that as much as he does holding rallies.

His inauguration was well attended but not nearly as much as previous presidents, not that that should matter. But the crowd size mattered to him. During his first full day as president when he visited the C.I.A., he went off topic and began talking about his crowd size during the inauguration.

The president’s nominee for secretary of education squeaked by confirmation and his nominee for attorney general was accused of being racist. Worse than that, his approval ratings have started lower than any recent president, and the numbers have only gotten worse.

To make up for all of the negative aspects of his presidency thus far, he has to find patches of support and speak to it. Speaking again on his visit to the C.I.A., he filled part of the crowd with Trump supporters, according to CBS. While he was there he changed the size of his inauguration from a few hundred thousand to 1.5. million. When he was at Mar-a-Lago last weekend, he tweeted about the supporters that lined the roads as he was driving there.

Donald Trump will never stop holding rallies because he will never stop needing praise.


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