Nightly Rundown: Resignations, Scandal, Conway, And More

Good evening, here’s what happened today.

  • The resignation of Michael Flynn adds to chaos

The resignation of Michael Flynn as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser has added to the impression by both the public and the Senate that the White House is in chaos. If Mr. Flynn was not entirely honest to the F.B.I. with regard to his conversation with the Russian ambassador, he could be charged with a felony. Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) called the White House “dysfunctional.”

  • President Donald Trump to meet with Netanyahu

President Donald Trump will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tomorrow. A likely topic will be the “outside-in” approach to the to a two-state solution: building relationships with Arab countries worried about Iran and getting them to press the Palestinians into negotiating.

  • Police in Malaysia search for assassin

The police in Malaysia are searching for two women in the assassination of the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who was killed by poison needles at Kuala Lumpur airport. The half-brother, Kim Jong-Nam, was at one time considered the heir to the nation, but he has been living in semi-exile for years.

  • Pence learns of Flynn misconduct from Post article

Vice President Mike Pence only learned that he had been lied to by former national security adviser Michael Flynn after the Washington Post reported on it on February 9 that Flynn had discussed sanctions with Russia before the presidential inauguration.

  • Kellyanne Conway at it again

Kellyanne Conway said today that Michael Flynn resigned after an “erosion of trust” trying to reinforce something White House press secretary Sean Spicer said recently. Conway said this on a Tuesday taping of the “Today” show on NBC, her explanation “makes no sense” in the words of Matt Lauer NBC.


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