5-Point Guide To Politics: Russia, Flynn, And More

Good morning, here’s what you need to know.

  • Trump team spoke to Russian intelligence

Members of President Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 had frequent contact with high-level Russian intelligence officials, before the election. The conclusion came from calls intercepted by American law enforcement and intelligence agencies during investigations last year into Russia’s hack of the Democratic National Committee.

  • National security adviser’s resignation

The intercepted calls in relation to Mr. Trump before the election are separate from a different case concerning Michael T. Flynn, who resigned a week after the story broke that he had lied to administration officials, mainly Vice President Mike Pence, about whether he had talked to the Russian ambassador about sanctions.

  • Israel Prime Minister comes to Washington

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will come to Washington today to meet with Mr. Trump, the meeting is likely to be more symbolic than substantive, a New York Times reporter wrote today. The president is expected to push for peace, ergo the two-state solution, in the Middle East.

  • Almost free from ISIS

Iraqi forces have liberated the eastern part of Mosul from the Islamic State, but the fighting in the city as a whole has not ended. “Everyone’s afraid,” said one resident. “There’s fighting day and night. and when the drones come, everyone disappears.”

  • Warren 2020 beats out Trump 2020

Donald Trump has begun his presidency on a tough note, with almost no period of peace in the month he’s been in office. Almost a quarter of voters think Donald Trump is the worst president in the last century. Forty-three percent of voters are ready to vote for a lesser-known Democrat in 2020, only a third said they would vote for Trump.


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