5-Point Guide To Politics Today

  1. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada will visit President Donald Trump in Washington today to discuss trade and jobs. On Wednesday, President Trump will host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the meeting is expected to set a new tone for Israeli-American relations.
  2. Investigators are looking into what Michael Flynn, the national security adviser, told Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. about sanctions imposed by the Obama administration. Some other staff members have started using encrypted communication with their colleagues, in a time when Mr. Trump’s top advisers are considering monitoring cell phones for emails and leaks.
  3. A GOP Congressman said this morning that President Trump and the intelligence community that he leads “need to get on the same page very quickly” in a time of concerns about national security adviser Michael Flynn. Representative Scott Taylor said on CNN’s “New Day” come as Flynn is under fire for discussing sanctions with Russia’s ambassador before he was sworn into office.
  4. Obviously, President Trump wasn’t nominated for a Grammy, but his name was there at different parts at the award show. The most important message to the president Sunday came from hip-hop group Tribe Called Quest, who performed with Anderson Paak. In a song called “We The People,” they called Trump “President Agent Orange,” the song also had chants such as “resist.”
  5. President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is “not smart enough to run for president,” which is probably a response to Cuban saying on Friday that CEOs must be careful when talking to and about Trump.

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