Nightly Rundown: Appeals Court, Swearing In’s, And More Tonight

  1. A federal appeals court ruled unanimously against President Donald J. Trump’s controversial immigration order, paving the way for a likely appeal to the Supreme Court. The question of the case was whether the order should be blocked while courts consider its legality and constitutionality.
  2. Concerns over conflict of interest arose once more when Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway urged people to buy Ivanka Trump’s products, creating a possible violation of federal ethics rules. This came a day after Mr. Trump lashed out at luxury department store Nordstrom for dropping his daughter’s label, Nordstrom cited low performance as its reasoning.
  3. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s unexpected comment in a private meeting that he was “disheartened” and “demoralized” by President Donald Trump’s attacks on not only the judiciary as a whole but more specifically Judge James Robart, who he called a “so-called judge.” This remark demonstrates early on that he is not afraid to disagree with those within his own party, even the person who nominated him.
  4. Greta Van Susteren goes to work on her new show at MSNBC soon, three floors past where she used to work-Fox News. Though she still sees old colleagues in the halls and expresses no regrets about her decision- “None. Zero. None”, she does want her former employer to hire more women in primetime. “I’m a real feminist, so I like to see women on the air,” she said in an interview from her new office across from the Capitol dome.
  5. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, a co-host of “New Day”, apologized today for comparing being called “fake news” as a journalist to a racial slur, which created significant, backlash. In an interview with Michael Smerconish on SiriusXM radio today, he said he sees being called “fake news” as a journalist as an equivalent to the n-word for journalists.


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