5-Point Guide To Politics Today: Haters, Oral Arguments, Hearings and More

  1. Oral arguments on the legality of President Trump’s immigration order will be heard today at the U.S. Court of Appeals San Francisco. The court will begin the session at 3 PM pacific time. On Monday night, the Justice Department urged the court to reinstate the order, which bans indefinitely Syrian immigration.
  2. Senate Democrats continue to protest the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, whose confirmation vote is set for today. Democrats claim that she favors vouchers over much needed public school repairs. Her vote could lead to a 50-50 tie, in which case Vice President Mike Pence would step in and vote.
  3. President Trump wants to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure, but such a major project could end badly. For example, the traffic choke point in Breezewood Pennsylvania. “It shows how legal quirks, powerful politicians, and opaque bureaucratic procedures can influence decisions about how to spend taxpayer dollars,” a New York Times reporter writes.
  4. President Donald Trump yesterday said on Twitter that any negative polling, mostly from CNN, was “fake news”, contributing once more to the fight between him and the media. “The failing @nytimes writes total fiction concerning me. They have gotten it wrong for two years, and now are making up stories & sources!”
  5. President Donald Trump said this morning that he is being evaluated by an unfair double standard that has given way to critics attacking him over his promises of a kinder relationship with Russia. “I don’t know Putin, have no deals in Russia, and the haters are going crazy- yet Obama can make a deal with Iran, #1 in terror, no problem!” The President said on Twitter.

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