5-Point Guide To Politics Today

  1. A United States Court of Appeals in San Francisco could soon deliver a ruling concerning President Donald Trump’s order barring immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The main question of this case is how much constitutional authority the president has over immigration.
  2. Since the travel ban is suspended for who knows how long, refugees who have already been vetted can come to the United States as soon as possible. “We are encouraging people to come as soon as possible,” said a director of legal services and advocacy group for immigrants.
  3. President Donald Trump said that a replacement to Obamacare could come “sometime next year,” to Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly. This remark, part of an interview that aired yesterday, is a shift from promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act as soon as possible.
  4. President Donald Trump fired back at claims that White House Advisor and a member of the National Security Council Stephen K. Bannon was the one who pulls the strings in the background. “I call my own shots, and everyone knows it,” said the President on Twitter. The portrayal of Stephen Bannon as the “shadow president” came to screen on SNL this past weekend.
  5. President Donald Trump shot back at polls that say that the majority of Americans do not want his immigration order. Americans “want border security and extreme vetting,” the President said calling the polls “negative” and “fake news.” A CNN/ORC poll released Friday showed that 53% of Americans are against the immigration order.

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