Recap: Trump’s Two Weeks As President

Immigration orders, Dodd-Frank repeals, protests, and judge’s overturning laws. All of that in more has been jammed into two weeks of one presidency. Donald Trump really is a great entertainer, he has put more action and craziness into two weeks than most presidents do in a month. His first executive action was titled “minimizing the economic burden of the patient protection and affordable care act pending repeal.” In this post, we will go through all of President Donald Trump’s memorandums, executive orders, and proclamations.

The full text of these presidential actions can be viewed at

January 20th, 2017

  • Executive order minimizing the economic burden of the patient protection and affordable care act pending repeal. His first executive order told agencies to ease the economic burden of the series of laws commonly called Obamacare.
  • Memorandum by White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to freeze all new or pending regulations, which gives the new administration time to review them. This is a pretty standard move for a new administration taking over the White House from another party, it stops any policies from the Obama administration before they can be finalized.

January 23rd, 2017

  • Presidential memorandum regarding the hiring freeze. This action freezes federal hiring with few exemptions. The Trump administration defended this action by falsely saying that it was a response to a “dramatic expansion of the federal workforce.” This order harms our nation’s veterans because it will prevent many veterans from getting jobs. It will also make the quality of service at the VA worse because the already short-staffed agency will not be able to hire more people to handle the workload.
  • Presidential memorandum withdrawing the U.S. from TPP. This fulfills a main campaign promise of his, to pull us out of bad trade deals. “Great thing for the American worker, what we just did,”  Trump said about his new order.
  • Memorandum reinstating the “Mexico City Policy,” which bans all foreign nongovernmental organizations from receiving money from the U.S. for performing or promoting abortion as a way of family planning in other countries. This was a huge pander to social conservatives who made up so much of Donald Trump’s voter base in the 2016 election.

January 24th, 2017

  • Executive order expediting the review and approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL pipeline. This order encourages the Department of The Army to expedite the review and approval process, as I said, of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipeline.
  • In addition to freeing up the construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines, he also signed three other related orders on this day. The second one concerns expediting environmental reviews and approvals for high priority infrastructure projects.
  • The third order Trump signed on January 24th was a presidential memorandum that, once again dealt with the construction of American pipelines. This one aimed at maximizing the use of U.S. steel in the process of building pipelines.
  • The final, unrelated largely to pipelines order he signed was titled “presidential memorandum streamlining permitting and reducing regulatory burdens for domestic manufacturing.

January 25th, 2017

  • An executive order titled “enhancing public safety in the interior of the United States.” In layman’s terms, it’s calling for a 30-day review of military readiness.
  • Two orders on border security and immigration enforcement including a U.S.-Mexico border wall; cutting federal funding for sanctuary cities, hiring 5,000 more Border Patrol Agents (wait a federal hiring freeze but 5,000 more Border Patrol Agents?); ending so-called “catch-and-release” policies for illegal immigrants, and reinstating state and local law enforcement partnerships.

January 26th, 2017

  • A proclamation creating a National School Choice Week in 2017 that encourages charter schools and school vouchers in America.

January 27th, 2017

  • An executive order placing a 120-day ban on the refugee program and a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. from citizens of what they think are terrorist hot spots: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan. It also ends indefinitely refugees from Syria.
  • The presidential memorandum titled “rebuilding U.S. armed forces” will increase funding dramatically for the U.S. army. He signed this order at the Pentagon.

January 28th, 2017

  • This presidential memorandum is titled “plan to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.” This order mandates that within 30 days of this order being signed there is a plan to defeat ISIS on the president’s desk.
  • The second memorandum signed on January 28th is titled “organization of the national security council and homeland security council.”
  • The third and final executive action on this day is an executive order titled “ETHICS COMMITMENTS BY EXECUTIVE BRANCH APPOINTEES.”

January 30th, 2017

  • This executive order mandates that for every one regulation put in place two must be repealed. It is called the “executive order reducing regulation and controlling regulatory costs.”

February 2nd, 2017

  • President Donald J. Trump declares February as American Heart Month.

February 3rd, 2017

  • Presidential executive order repealing Dodd Frank regulations from the Obama-era. It’s titled “executive order on core principles for regulating the United States financial system.”
  • His latest presidential memorandum eliminates the fiduciary rule, which is another Wall Street regulation. This action falls in line with Donald Trump’s other executive order of the day that repeals the Dodd Frank regulations on Wall Street.

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