Howard Stern: Donald Trump Secretly Wants Hillary Clinton To Be President

I have heard many surprising things during this unpredictable era of Trump we are living in, but Howard Stern may have just raised the bar. He recently made the brazen claim that Donald Trump secretly wants Hillary Clinton to be president. You read that right. On Wednesday this week, he made the argument that Trump ran for president not because he wanted to be our leader, but because he wanted “a couple more bucks out of NBC” in his contrast with his NBC show, The Apprentice. “That is why Donald is calling for voter fraud investigations. He’s pissed he won. He still wants Hillary Clinton to win,” Stern said (as a joke?). “He’s so f***ing pissed, he’s hoping he can find some voter fraud and hand it over to Hillary.”

Even though the whole notion is crazy, that someone would run for president just to get a better TV contract, maybe a movie deal, Stern and Trump have been friends for a long time, maybe, no definitely, he knows what makes Trump tick more than we do. Donald Trump has been on Howard Stern’s show a vast number of times. Stern says that Trump’s main goal is that he “wants to be liked; he wants to be loved,” Stern added “He wants people to cheer for him.”

Stern also said that he was “amazed” when Trump first announced his bid for the White House in 2015, because he remembers Trump being such a big Clinton supporter. Even though the talk when Trump went on Stern’s show was more about women than it was politics, Stern did say that Trump had been ” pro-abortion.” On Trump’s campaign, Stern also said “The new Donald Trump kind of surprised me.” It’s not a stretch to say that he wasn’t the only one.

He also thinks that the situation Trump is in now (being the leader of the free world) might have negative effects on his health. “I don’t think it’s going to be a healthy experience.” Stern said. “All of this hatred and stuff directed towards him, it’s not good for him. It’s not good. There’s a reason every president leaves office with grey hair.” Stern also said that being the president might be “detrimental to [Trump’s] mental health.”

trump harley davidson.JPG

As Stern said this, President Donald Trump met with Harley-Davidson executives and swore in his new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Stern also said that he told Trump, plainly, that he wishes Trump had never run for the presidency. The only question America needs to know the answer to is, does that make two of them?


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