Acting A.G. Sally Yates Defies President Trump

Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates came out against the controversial executive order President Trump signed which dealt with immigration from predominately Muslim countries. This list did not include Saudi Arabia.

“Nor am I convinced the executive order is lawful.”

-Acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Monday at a press conference

Sally Yates is an Obama appointee, the last one confirmed by the senate in the Department of Justice. Ms.Yates ordered all Justice Department lawyers not to defend President Trump’s executive order on the grounds that she views it as unconstitutional. It is important to note that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the DOJ, and the Department of Defense (DOD) were not consulted by the Trump administration before the President signed this order.

Fact Sheet

  • 2,000 faith leaders wrote a letter to congress coming out against the order
  • Taxi service Lyft donated $1 million to the ACLU to assist them in fighting the executive order
  • Starbucks responded to the executive order by hiring 1,000 refugees to work for them.
  • England, Germany, and Mexico all publicly came out against the executive order President Trump signed.


It’s possible that President Trump’s executive order on immigration violates the following parts of the constitution.

  1. First Amendment. The order potentially violates religious freedom, because it involves the government and an establishment of religion. The law suspends the admission of all refugees, but it also asks the DHS Secretary to “prioritize refugee claims” by people of a “minority religion” in the seven countries listed. This is an obvious attempt to allow Christians in over Muslims, as all of the countries affected by this executive order are Muslim majority.
  2. Equal Protection This order could violate the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. It discriminates against people on the basis of their religion and nationality, which would be a clear violation of the equal protection clause.

To conclude, the seven countries that President Trump included in his order have killed nobody, it is Saudi Arabia and Eygpt that should be in this order, if anyone.


2 thoughts on “Acting A.G. Sally Yates Defies President Trump

  1. Was Yates nominated or confirmed. The new Congress went active on the third of January. How did Yates get the job without turning in the usual signed letter of reisignation like the others. Looks to me like a clear cut case of someone who can’t be trusted. Pull the clearance toss her ass out.

    On the other hand she could have followed the lead of that Judge on the first day and worked to make the overhaul of the Kerry Obama open door for Islamics policy and the resulting mess get straightened out fast as possible. Is this going to happen when phase II, III and IV etc are kicked off and those do address all nations of the world .

    Pena is doing a balancing act playing his part of the deal he, Trump and Slim came up with. His is the only precarious position and that’s a shame because his main opponent is another Obama Unleashed. Mexico doesn’t deserve that let loose on them.


    • Yates must have been confirmed. I should remember that the president still reserves the right to fire her. I think her coming out against the order like this was a bad move politically, she could have secured a job in DOJ longer if she had supported him.


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