About Yesterday: President Trump and The Seven Countries

President Trump wants us to believe that the refugees from the seven countries he has included in his order are the causes of our problems.

He wants you to think that a family trying to find new beginnings in America is why the Pulse Nightclub was attacked, and why we aren’t “great”.

President Trump’s order isn’t protecting us from terrorism, it isn’t protecting anything or anyone. In fact, I don’t think many people outside of his supporter base are in favor of this executive order, I hope that the people who are in favor of it will soon realize the pain and suffering our president is causing many people.

President Trump wants the United States to be “great again”, and yet he is blocking the youth of these countries who are researching heart disease, the people who will truly make our country greater. Students who are going to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and M.I.T., the young minds of America that truly will make America greater.

What President Trump doesn’t want you to focus on is that he is the son of an Irish immigrant, a people that were discriminated against for many years. Now he is doing the same to an entirely new group of people, and he feels no remorse for it.

What President Trump doesn’t want you to think about is that his wife, Melania, was an immigrant from Slovenia. She also dropped out of the college she was attending, but that’s a different story.

It always vexes me that we use the term “radical Islamic terrorism”, even though we should know these people aren’t Islamic and they aren’t always from the middle east. In fact, Jihadi John was British. Calling these people who commit acts of terror in the name of ISIS aren’t real Muslims, it’s an insult to the real Muslims of the world to call them that. If we are going to be fair an honest here, we should start calling American terrorist groups such as the KKK and Neo-Nazis radical Christian terrorists. But we don’t call them radical Christian terrorists, because they aren’t Christians, and it would be an insult to Christians everywhere to call them that. I’ve heard people talk about how the Quran says that all non-believers should be killed, and it probably does. But it would be wholly erroneous to point out the lesser parts of the Quran without doing the same with the Bible. What people need to understand is that these books are historical works, they were written a very long time ago, and only fundamentalists actually believe in these awful words in what are otherwise greats ways to guide yourself morally. The Bible says that if a woman has sex before marriage she shall be stoned. The Bible also says that two men laying together are an abomination. Are those good moral principles?  The Bible says that if a child disobeys their parents, they shall be stoned. Christians and Catholics killed Muslims in The Crusades. Muslims have also done bad things in the name of their religion, and though I don’t read the Quran I don’t dispute that it does say some awful things.

I think people need to draw attention to the fact that the seven countries President Trump have banned immigrants from hasn’t killed one single American on American soil between 1975-2015, says the Cato Institute. None of the 19-people involved in 9/11 were from these seven countries.

Instead of making us safer, President Trump is gutting America of what makes it great. We are a nation of immigrants; don’t you forget it. If you go back in your family history I’m sure most of you will find your ancestors were discriminated against and ostracized when they were the immigrating class. Isolation is dangerous, isolation is unhealthy, isolation will lead to our downfall.

Shame on you, Mr. President.





8 thoughts on “About Yesterday: President Trump and The Seven Countries

  1. This type of vetting should have been in place long ago. It’s possible the Pulse Nightclub shooting may never have happened. Of course of media and all of Hilary’s supporters are crying foul. They will just have to get accustomed to more security at every border. I’m sure if those ‘young minds’ have a green card or come over legally, it’s not a problem. There is no shame in what the President and the people who voted him into office. This is exactly the type of country we want. Israel has been vetting countries like this for 30 years. It’s time we start. I am an immigrant and came over here legally in the 1960’s. At that time, you had to have family support and a sponsor. The open-door policy of Obama’s last 8 years have caused a rapid rise in terrorist groups to come to this country and try and carry out their evil plans on our soil. I’m all for stopping it. How about you?


  2. Absolutely positively spot on. We are a nation of immigrants. If people are going to blame “Obama’s open door policies” (not entirely true) for The Pulse Nightclub attack (an act committed by a US Citizen, by the way-not an immigrant)-then they aren’t doing their homework. The 9/11 attacks were perpetrated largely by citizens of Saudi Arabia (not included in the ban), UAE Citizens (not included in the ban), Egypt, and Lebanon (also not included)-not one of them was from any of the countries that were included. This is strictly a move motivated by fear, which is the tactic that Trump used to win the election. Also of concern is the elimination of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National intelligence from the principal’s committee….replacing their presence with that of Steve Bannon. This is an unprecedented and terrifying order as well. Please keep writing!


  3. You hit the nail on the head here. Executive Orders like this do nothing to keep America, and especially Americans safe, they accomplish much the opposite. If we are denying people access to our country – people that would have been on our side – and forcing them to live in an area in which we very much helped (or caused) to destabilize, they will forever become disenfranchised and angry. Can you believe that we are actually denying access to people that have helped our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq? People who risked theirs, and their families lives to help our soldiers with promises of relocating to the USA are now ignored. How are we going to incent others to help us? How will they ever trust us again?
    America is safer and stronger by embracing our differences, and this EO is shameful.


    • I know what you mean, we’re playing right into the hands of ISIS by ostracizing these people. Especially, like you said, considering that we were big players in destabilizing their region. Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it!


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