What’s Next For Hillary Clinton?

Rumors have been circulating, is it possible that Clinton will run for mayor of New York City?


In the refuge of the Hamptons, Hillary Clinton hides away and processes her stunning election loss to now president-elect Donald J. Trump. She has been first lady, a senator, the secretary of state, and most recently, the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. It’s hard for pundits, supporters, and party leaders to imagine the reality of it, but they can dream. A Clinton run for mayor of New York City would be a run against Democratic Incumbent Bill De Blasio, who has made good on his promise of universal prekindergarten in New York, and he has plans for affordable housing set in motion. Although he has done much right, he also has many shortcomings, and many Democrats want someone else. Moreover, De Blasio and his aides are under investigation for his fundraising activities, a grand jury decision is expected soon.


Hillary has so much that De Blasio doesn’t. She has the name recognition, donors, and intense popularity in New York. Clinton won the state with 79% of the vote. She would have an extraordinary opportunity to get back at those who have wronged her. She could reroute the New York Mexican Day Parade through Trump Towers street. She would be able to hold the position that disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner wanted so badly. When foreign leaders and dignitaries visited, their first stop would be the U.N., and they wouldn’t think of forgetting to pay a visit to the former secretary of state turned mayor Hillary Rodham Clinton.


My gut knows it won’t happen, but I can hope. ■


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